WAR in Ukraine


It’s been hard times for everyone since the war has started. Our staff have been impacted by the war from its beginning and Busy Bee Clean lost 30% of their lovely cleaners who has to go back home to Ukraine or somewhere else because of the war. We continue to support our cleaners from Ukraine and their families and below it’s just a simple summary of what we do and what you can do.

We believe we can make a difference.

Jobs provided to Ukrainian refugees

Busy Bee Clean heavily supports Ukrainian refugees by providing cleaning and head office jobs in London. Firstly, we provide cleaning training to make sure we keep within our cleaning standards. Secondly, we provide support with language classes to those, who don’t speak English. It takes longer to recruit Ukrainian refugees, but nevertheless, we have already employed 3 Ukrainians to our company and we will employ more.

Employees of Busy Bee Clean support Ukrainian refugees by offering them a sponsorship to come to live to the UK with our employees for up to 6 month. We have successfully sponsored 5 refugees already.

Our humanitarian aid

We have already donated three deliveries of essential items for Ukrainian refugees and we keep collecting items to support people in Ukraine and here in UK.

How YOU can help:

Help for Animals

  • Four Paws – raising money to support Ukrainian animals. Its website includes information for refugees leaving Ukraine with pets.


  • UAHELP – Support Ukraine is coordinating donations and deliveries of essential goods, medicines, food products, medical equipment and ammunition. You can also sign up as a volunteer or driver, or register an aid collection centre in your area.
  • Help Refugees in the UK – donation details for humanitarian and medical aid. Includes a Google Form allowing you to register the help you can offer for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK.
  • UkraineNow – global effort to coordinate help: evacuations, medical and food supplies, information, and cash on the ground. Through UkraineNow you can sign up to host Ukrainians who have left the country.
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